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⚙️ Application Configuration

  • [.chatgpt] - Application configuration root folder
    • chat.conf.json - Preferences configuration
    • chat.awesome.json - Custom URL lists, similar to browser bookmarks. Any URL can be used as the main window or tray window (Control Center -> Awesome)
    • chat.model.json - prompts configuration,contains three parts:
      • user_custom - Requires manual data entry (Control Center -> Language Model -> User Custom)
      • sync_prompts - Synchronizing data from f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts (Control Center -> Language Model -> Sync Prompts)
      • sync_custom - Synchronize custom json and csv file data, support local and remote (Control Center -> Language Model -> Sync Custom)
    • chat.model.cmd.json - Filtered (whether to enable) and sorted slash commands
    • [cache_model] - Caching model data
      • chatgpt_prompts.json - Cache sync_prompts data
      • user_custom.json - Cache user_custom data
      • ae6cf32a6f8541b499d6bfe549dbfca3.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data
      • 4f695d3cfbf8491e9b1f3fab6d85715c.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data
      • bd1b96f15a1644f7bd647cc53073ff8f.json - Randomly generated file names, cache sync_custom data

Sync Custom

Currently, only JSON and CSV are supported for synchronizing custom files, and the following formats need to be met, otherwise the application will be abnormal:

JSON format:

"cmd": "a",
"act": "aa",
"prompt": "aaa aaa aaa"
"cmd": "b",
"act": "bb",
"prompt": "bbb bbb bbb"

CSV format

"a","aa","aaa aaa aaa"
"b","bb","bbb bbb bbb"