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  • Control Center: The control center of ChatGPT application, it will give unlimited imagination to the application.
  • Stay On Top: The window is stay on top of other windows.
  • Titlebar: Whether to display the titlebar, supported by macOS only.
  • Hide Dock Icon (#35): Hide application icons from the Dock(support macOS only).
    • Right-click on the SystemTray to open the menu, then click Show Dock Icon in the menu item to re-display the application icon in the Dock (SystemTrayMenu -> Show Dock Icon).
  • Inject Script: Using scripts to modify pages.
  • Theme: Light, Dark, System (Only macOS and Windows are supported).
  • Go to Config: Open the configuration file directory (path: ~/.chatgpt/*).
  • Clear Config: Clear the configuration file (path: ~/.chatgpt/*), dangerous operation, please backup the data in advance.
  • Restart ChatGPT: Restart the application, for example: the program is stuck or the injection script can take effect by restarting the application after editing.


  • ChatGPT User's Guide
  • DALL·E 2


  • ChatGPT Log
  • Update Log
  • Report Bug
  • Report Bug
  • Toggle Developer Tools